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Tax Free Shopping in Three Simple Steps

1 Ask for it

Ask for your tax free at the store, at the time of purchase.

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2 Validate it

Validate your tax free when leaving EU, at the electronic kiosks or at the customs desk.

3 Cash it

After approval, collect your refund in cash or via Travellerwallet

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Safely create your wallet account, your data will be secure.


The day of your departure from the EU, head to the nearest customs desk or self-validation kiosk and present your fully completed tax free form, along with your passport and the original purchase receipts.

This straightforward process will enable you to secure Customs approval without any hassle.


Redeem it for cash at our airport offices or opt for the wallet payment.

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If you are resident outside the European Union, you are entitled to a VAT refund on your purchases. Here you will find all the neccesary information on how to obtain your refund.


Quick and easy issuance, instant tracking of your transactions and immediate access to your tax documentation.

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As a non-EU resident visiting Europe you are entitled to reclaim the local sales tax, usually known as IVA, on all items purchased during your stay in Europe. Countries and territories within the European Union and therefore NOT eligible are:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

No. Services, although taxable, are not eligible for VAT refunds.

No. The merchandise you have purchased must be still unused upon leaving the European Union.

Yes, without a customs stamp is not possible to process a tax refund. Tax Free forms must be stamped by Customs upon leaving the last European country you will visit, but if the goods are in your check-in luggage, you must obtain the Customs’ Stamp in the last European Airport where you check-in and always before you actually send your luggage. Remember you might be required to show your purchase at Customs Point when leaving.

The Refund can be cashed at our Customs Refund Points and abroad, or it can be applied to your credit card account also by international cheque to home address.

Yes, Travel TaxFree applies a statutory processing administration fee. Your refund corresponds to the full amount of VAT minus a processing administration fee. The Customs refund points will add a local charge for cash refunds.

Yes, the TRAVEL ADVANCE REFUND System gives you the opportunity to cash your refund before obtaining the Customs Stamp. Just go to one of our City Advance Refund Points and show your Form, an ID document and your valid credit card VISA or MASTER CARD as a guarantee. After cashing your Tax Refund in advance, you must stamp your Tax Free Form at the last European Customs Office where you can still exhibit the merchandise you have purchased. and mail it back to us using the pre-paid envelope provided by the store in 30 days maximum from the date of the refund.

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