Smart Shopping

Shop at the best brands and get your tax refund

Standard Tax Free

Tax Free Shopping in Three Simple Steps

Ask for it

1 Ask for it

Ask for your tax free at the store, at the time of purchase.

2 Validate it

-If you are leaving the EU from a Spanish airport, port or land border, validate your tax free at the DIVA electronic kiosk (you can validate with the QR code from your travellerwallet APP).

-If you are leaving the EU from any country other than Spain you must go to the customs counters with the printed check and request the customs stamp on the same document (in this case it is important that you ask for your printed tax free DIVA at the store or print it before going to the airport).

Refund desk

3 Cash it

Get your refund in cash, at a refund desk or skip all the lines and get your refund via TravellerWallet.

Advance Refund*

1. Ask for it

Ask for your Tax Free in every store, before paying for the items.

2. Cash it

You will need a Visa or Mastercard (not issued in the EU) with a minimum validity of 6 months as a months as a guarantee.

Icono DIVA
3. Validate it

When leaving EU, check if all the forms are validated in the self-validation kiosk within 28 days from the date of purchase.

*Not available in all stores

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