Advance Refund

1. At the stores

Logo Travel Tax Free Advance Refund


Shop at the best brands with Tax Free Advance Refund and collect your refund immediately at time of the purchase.

Tax Free Form

Provide your passport details and ask for the Tax Free Form and Advance Refund (if available).

2. Refund

At the Store

At the store, if available, pay with deducted refund. Provide your Visa or Mastercard credit card not issued in the EU with a minimum validity of 6 months.

Refund at the time of purchase.

3. At the airport


Check if you have all the Tax Free items in your carry-on luggage.


Do not forget your passport and boarding card.


You have 28 days to stamp your tax free at customs:

  • If you stamp electronically it automatically releases your card’s your card guarantee will be released automatically.
  • If you stamp manually you will need to upload a complete image to a Travellerwallet account.


At the electronic Kiosks you will receive the following instructions


If your validation was digital at the kiosk, you will not have to do anything else, but if you have put a physical stamp on the tax free document, take a photo with good resolution from our App Traveler Wallet.


When you validate your tax free form, if you receive a red light you must go to the customs counter immediately. Customs will block the tax free document until a manual inspection is performed. If you stamp physically the tax free form after the red light, your document will be invalid.