Heranças de Fátima

The name “Heranças de Fátima” was born in May 2019 with the idea of ​​creating a distinct and personalized commercial space.

This distinction begins with the choice and selection of products, presenting religious articles with original and quality pieces. A choice of original and differentiated articles that aims to satisfy the people who visit our space.

In addition to the religious character, always associated with Fátima, the diversification of other products also characterizes the place and the region, thus offering a variety of products, such as regional articles (tapestries, handicrafts, gourmet gastronomic products) and high-quality jewelery items and certified.

It is a well located space, with a family and personalized service, always believing that the hope and faith reached in Fátima, can accompany each one, spiritually, and that our memories are exactly the physical memory of a place, of just a moment! A moment of faith, blessing and light!



Avenida Dom José Alves Correia da Silva

Fatimae Building, nº 123 – Store 37

2495-402 Fátima